Break it down into much more easy and comprehensible language with the use of graphs and turn it into operational analytics."

Automated Google Analytics Reports
KOBIT Product Review and Interview

Automated tools are a must for ambitious start-ups and businesses to create automated Google Analytics Reports. They eliminate repetitive manual processes that take up much of your time.

Especially in digital marketing, automated tools help you become more efficient and allow to focus on inflexible manual monitoring tasks.

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We are using KOBIT as one of our marketing analytics tools to create automated Google analytics reports. The web app does a great job at providing automated reports of your website data via Google Analytics. KOBIT is supporting marketers with professional automated Google Analytics Reports data adapted to all types of users without the need for deep knowledge in web analytics.

Interview - Nozomu Kubota on Web analytics

Interview With Nozomu Kuboto on Improving Website Performance and how to Automate Google Web Analytics Reports

The company is based in Tokyo, Japan and we got the chance to speak to the Founder and CEO of KOBIT and Creator's Next. We did an interview with him to get to know about important tactics in web analytics and optimising website performance. Read on to the end of the post for the video and the transcript of the conversation. 

KOBIT Web App Features

One of the things we love about the tool is that it creates a PowerPoint presentation of the automated Google Analytics Reports. The presentation is ready to be used in any meeting without any more research and editing.

Here is how it works: Firstly, you provide access to the Google Analytics account of your company’s website. Thereafter, you define some parameters you want to focus on and define the schedule you want to receive the Google Analytics automated reports​.

The other fact we like about it besides the Google Analytics automation is the simplicity of the tool. We used to spend hours every month of analysing and aggregating data. Google Analytics is such an essential tool and every business needs it for web analytics. But rather than diving deep into the numbers and metrics, it’s a lot less stressful to access the data and aggregating it by creating automated Google analytics reports.

Web Analytics For Business Growth

Process of web analytics decision makingThe Process of using web analytics reports for business growth:

The image above shows the process of data flow in website marketing. Initially, the website needs to gather data about user behaviour. The site needs a decent quantity of user sessions to give you valid numbers you can test hypotheses and run tests with. Next, tools like Google Analytics help you analyse your data in a structured format. You can either work with this level of analytics or add dashboard and reporting tools like KOBIT on top. With automated Google Analytics reports that contain significant data, it's much easier to make marketing and business decisions vs. researching through Google Analytics and manually compiling data charts.

In Small-and Medium-sized companies (SME’s), larger companies and corporates, decision-makers work with executive summaries of results rather than studying the whole data. KOBIT is a software that does this automatically so you can just sit back and relax. The web app gives the opportunity to find new ways to expand your operation without having to hire someone.

By freeing up your time and getting clarity on important numbers, you will also have more time available that you can spend for your customers, which should automatically make a difference to your bottom line and lead to better decision making.

KOBIT analyses your Google Analytics data and breaks it down into easily comprehensible language with graphs & charts. Break it down into much more easy and comprehensible language with the use of graphs and turn it into operational analytics.  This will help you intuitively understand what is driving your website’s performance and what is stopping you from succeeding. The report is extracted as a PowerPoint, so you can change anything you like.

KOBIT provides two types of Automated Google Analytics reports:

1. Standard Google Analytics Report
2. SEO Keyword Analysis Report

Google Analytics Automated Reports:

Sales metrics overview from automated reports in google analytics

Sales metrics and forecasting from the KOBIT PowerPoint  Automated Google Analytics report

The Monthly Google Analytics automated reports contain an analysis of the data from the previous month based on your key performance indicators. Also, you can receive a Specific Period Analytics Report with an analysis of the data for a specific time period.

SEO Keyword Analysis Report:

This report is an analysis of your Search Console data. This report consists of two Excel files: List of keywords report and daily Keyword fluctuation chart.

The Report gets automatically created with Google Analytics through Application Programming Interface (API) communication, so there is no need to insert additional tags. With the help of a unique algorithm and millions of recognised patterns, KOBIT will automatically generate the guidelines you should follow for your report based on your client’s goals. Not only will your reports be more detailed but you’ll be able to work more efficiently too.

KOBIT Google Analytics automation is incredibly easy to comprehend. Someone with little to no experience with Google Analytics will be able to understand the reported data. Furthermore, your executives get better clarity on the performance and situation your business is in which will be extremely helpful to your strategic and tactical decision making for better growth. We hope this gives you some inspiration for handling your web analytics in a more efficient way.

We love the tool and can recommend to any organisation and digital marketers interested in better and simpler Google Analytics automation. Check it out here and use to track website statistics in your lead generation campaigns.

Make a better business decision with web analytics - Interview with Nozomu Kubota

Interview With Nozomu Kuboto on Improving Website Performance

Here is the transcript:

Chris: Hello and welcome to this interview. My name is Chris from LeadGen and today I'm joined by Mr. Nozomu Kubota from KOBIT. He's joining us live from Tokyo in Japan so I'm really excited to speak with him Today. He's the founder and CEO of KOBIT which is a web analytics platform that helps companies to automate their web analytics and to simplify how to analyse their website data and make better decisions. It's a really interesting tool and we'll talk about web analytics in detail. First of all, welcome to the interview!

Nozomu: Thank you.

Question 1

Chris: Looking forward! First question to you: Maybe give the user some kind of background what is KOBIT as an online tool and what motivated you to start the company.

Nozomu: Thank you very much Chris. When we think about improvements on the website, marketers have to think which way is the best way to improve the website. Actually, they are using artificial intelligence to make a best decision for website. But if we use artificial intelligence just like tools like Watson, they must have a huge data set or a lot of developers just like an engineering resource. A lot of marketers don't have such kind of big data, they have only their data. So, the problem is so simple: They want to use artificial intelligence to improve the website but they don't have much big data or an engineering resource but if you have a KOBIT you don't have to think about it. KOBIT has a huge data set and we can optimize which way is the best way to improve the conversion rate.

Question 2

Chris: How can companies adapt to this era of digital transformation that you just already mentioned with AI or AIOps. How can companies take steps to adapt?

Nozomu: In Japan 90% companies are using the IT for only maintenance and then can’t improve the company by IT solutions because they're using a legacy system. But if they use KOBIT or LeadGen as analytics tools they can achieve much more good things for the company.

Question 3

Chris: You already mentioned big data. How has the big data trend impacted today's business world?

Nozomu: The people can think about a lot of hypotheses but they can't figure out which hypothesis is the best way to improve the website because they are mathematic problems. When we think of as a combination pattern about six hypotheses we have seven hundred and twenty variations to think about it but if we have a twenty hypotheses it needs a huge mathematic program.

When we use big data, we must figure out which is the priority task and KOBIT can prioritize the tasks in only one minute by using artificial intelligence.

Question 4

Chris: Regarding web analytics; If you're new to this whole industry, where do you start as someone who's completely new? Let's say for a small business that has just started with the building up their web presence?

Nozomu:  A lot of new challengers wants to change something by their products or their company but a lot of teams are not listening. Our new challenger must speak loud in an Internet field and KOBIT can optimize their conversion rate in the website so their activity will appear much more and their conversion rate will be improved by optimized solutions. They can get much more chances with KOBIT.

Question 5

Chris: Adding to that, what would be the key goals that the business can optimize, you said conversion rates as an example, what other specific things can a business get out of using KOBIT?

Nozomu:  KOBIT can analyse SEO and Google Analytics from the data. Actually, we analysed search console so we can improve the SEO so the company can get much more page views from this solution and the next one is the conversion rate. Also, reducing the bounce rate is something we can improve.

Question 6

Chris: How important is that you have a web analytics solution or tool in place in today's market?

Nozomu:  If you want to go somewhere you must have a map. If don’t have any map, you can’t go anywhere because then you depend on your experience. If a company wants to go to the place that they have never been, they must have a map to go. If they have a map, they can optimize their activity and they can go to their goal.

Chris: Yes, I deal with a lot of businesses here in the UK. A lot of small businesses are very much on the basic level of web analytics and performance marketing. It's surprising for us, it's normal to look into all these things day by day to analyse but a lot of people don't really have a clue about what they should do. That's why it's really important to have solutions like this for web analytics.

Question 7

What would you say about detecting errors in the conversion funnel. What are common errors and how would you detect them?

Nozomu:  There are a lot of points to see the funnel analytics. One is the connection between the forms and other article pages. Before forms we must think about the connection between the articles and the forms. When they come to the forms, they are watching some articles or some pages and, in some pages, just like you’re saying this is a contact form, but if we if the users come to the form and they got another script in there, the bounce rate will be up. That’s why we must care about the total user experience. The next one is of EFO, that is a great point for LeadGen!

Question 8

Chris: For those users who have not heard about EFO, can you quickly explain what it is?

Nozomu:  EFO is entry form optimization and a lot of marketers want to get more conversion rates from the website. The entry form is so important for a marketer because it is one of the goals for the marketers. Users come to the forms and get some information just like a whitepaper so EFO is really important for marketers.

Question 9

Chris: We've been using your tool for a while and the key benefit what we like is the Google Analytics automation. What would you say all the benefits of automating web analytics actions?

Nozomu:  The hardest way for the marketer is to make a hypothesis. The marketer has a lot of ideas, but we must select it the best way by the automation so KOBIT can automate which hypothesis is the best way to for the marketers, if we automate these kinds of things, the marketers can make much more times from that solutions and they can think about more user experience or they can talk with the customers in that times.

Question 10

Chris: Yes, makes sense. What are the main difficulties that companies have when implementing a strategy for web analytics?

Nozomu:  One is: What is the goal? That is often so difficult in some Companies. Just like media or some government side. They actually, don't have much conversion in there so they can’t optimise anything if they have no conversion rate. When I advise them, we show the example of a no conversion website: Just like how much time did the users spend on the website or how many pages do they watch, just like a minute or three minutes. This will be one key to make conversion.

Question 11

Chris:  I think it's really important to have that goal because if there's no goal in place then no one really knows what the website is used for. I think a lot of small companies they have this issue. You see that quite often.

Nozomu:  Yes, it is affecting the business model. We must define What is the importance of 1 conversion: Is it only one conversion or does it affect other business goals?

Chris:  Yes, and then also to define these conversion goals in Google Analytics which also a lot of people don’t have. However, if you have them in there, then you can easily see it how close you are to achieve your goal.

Question 12

What would you say are the biggest mistakes that people do, that businesses do that causes them to lose traffic?

Nozomu: Page speed is one of the typical things. People must consider about the Page speed much more because when the page speed is too high a lot of people bounced from the pages. We must take care of how much time the page will take to be loaded.

Chris:  That's a very good point. Page speed is something we are very much focused on too, also for landing pages landing. They are obviously not so important for SEO, for rankings but they are important for user experience and the page speed is so, so important.

Question 13

What would you say is a good page speed to have?

Nozomu: We have page speed analysing services by Google. The first step we must take is to check what the speed of our website is. After that, if the when people are using something just like a WordPress just like a CMS, it will be an optional choice that people can use the static services from WordPress. Some of these services are inside the website. We can optimize the image file so if we optimize the image size, we can reduce the file size and people can get information much more efficiently.

Question 14

Chris: Speaking about like more specific numbers, in terms of the page load time, what would you advise is a good load time?

Nozomu: One is to check-in page speed services from Google and checks the score from that. If the score was higher than 70, it will be good. I once got a 99 score from the Page speed services in Google. One point I can't get because when we want to get a 100 score, we must avoid the Google Analytics tag.

Question 15

Chris: That’s an interesting one! I think 99 is good enough. Let’s talk a bit more about the software KOBIT that you build. Can you explain to the users, what is KOBIT and where did the idea come from?

Nozomu:  KOBIT is an optimisation tool for websites. We can create Google Analytics reports. If they just use Google Analytics, they can’t consider which is the best way to improve from the analytics data.

KOBIT can give you some answers from our services. We can prioritize the task and we export it by the PowerPoint file so we can use that kind of data in the team meeting or the customer meeting.

We can think about the next action by using KOBIT.

Chris: What we really like about it is that you can automate things so that you can, say automate my Google Analytics report, and it comes straight out of it with summaries of KPI. You don't have to look into these huge data sets which businesses normally don't even have the time for anyway.

Question 16

What would you say makes KOBIT different from other tools, other web analytics tools on the market?

Nozomu:  Tools like Google data portal will be our eyes for marketers but KOBIT is the brain for marketers so

tableau or the google data portal gives you visualisations of the data but marketers want to have the answer. KOBIT is an action tool because we can give the next action plan for the business.

Chris: Great point. People want answers. I think these days they want the solutions without thinking too much. I think that affects so many different tools and whichever industry you're in. I can completely see that happening, also the trend in society. People just want the answer, they want other tools or let's say search engines do the thinking for them.

Question 17

Can you tell me an example of a company that is using KOBIT and how it has helped improve their results?

Nozomu: Our typical customer is a web development company or advertisement agencies because they have multiple customers and they're so busy, extremely busy. They must give Google analytics reports to their customers. When they use a KOBIT, they can generate the report only in one minute and they don't have they don't need any human resources. Actually, they can use Google data portal or tableau but if they use it, the customer will say oh this is a good tool and maybe I don't need you because the customer wants to use it directly.

As KOBIT, we don’t say: “We are KOBIT”. We are the customer’s name. We are not going out from our field and the customer can use our services with their names.

Question 18

Chris: Finally, where can people find you, what's your web address and what are the next steps if someone is interested who wants to try out the tool?

Nozomu: Thank you very much. They can find it under our website We have a free trial plan, so people can use it in a freeway and check how it's going.

Chris: Great, I encourage you to check the tool out and thank you very much for the interview, very much enjoyed speaking to you.

Nozomu: Thank you very much, it was a great time for me!










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