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Lead gen forms such as sign-up forms, registration forms, or contact forms play an important role in every business. Your lead generation forms are vital for generating new customers and clients. You can't afford to have a form that doesn't attract visitors and that doesn't convert into leads. That's why we have created the LeadGen form-builder. It is a tool that maximizes results to bring you more quality leads that turn into clients.

We often get asked "How LeadGen App is different than other form-builders?"

Firstly, LeadGen App is much more than just a form-builder: A lead capture and lead management tool for businesses, particularly business-to-business organizations (B2B).

We approach forms from the marketing and sales perspective. We aim to help businesses generate more leads and improve lead quality, opening new revenue streams, bringing new customers and more sales.

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Here are 3 ways LeadGen App is different:

  • Customisability ✨: LeadGen App helps in creating lead gen forms as unique as your business, matching your individual brand identity. You can customize nearly every form element in your lead gen forms like buttons, shapes, sizing, borders, colours, single-step vs. multi-step forms and more. Check out form templates here.
  • Performance-Focus⭐: We focus on fast form load-times, providing more analytics and metrics, AB-testing and other supporting features like LeadProof popups that help in generating better results for lead generation.

  • Compatibility🆗: You can embed forms into any page-builder like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and Leadpages. Also, you can create lead gen forms via a direct link which means you don't even need a website. Furthermore, you can integrate forms via Zapier to almost any CRM or email marketing tool, giving you all the options to build great marketing automation.

Custom Lead Gen forms

Examples of custom form designs from LeadGen builder

We’ve got something to offer which is new & different to classical lead gen tools & form-builders.

LeadGen helps you to build better online forms with full customization and testing features. We built it for digital marketers who need a performance-oriented form-builder tool to achieve better conversion rates on lead gen forms.

The LeadGen builder is for people with no coding skills and let's you create beautiful lead gen forms in just a few minutes. Our goal is that anyone in a marketing department can easily sign-up to LeadGen and build the first form in less than 5 minutes.

Here is a comparison of features to other online form-builders showing you why businesses switch their forms to LeadGen App.

The highlight features are marked with a star.

LeadGen App Features Comparison


To summarise the key benefits of the LeadGen builder:

  • Build for ultimate performance (fast-loading forms, conversion-optimisation features, A/B testing and more
  • Create multi-step forms easily
  • No coding skills required
  • Build forms in less than 5 minutes
  • Create interactive forms incl. conditional question type forms or quote generators

Features To Include in Lead Gen Forms

A list of interesting LeadGen App features:

Wow-features marked with 😮


Custom Thank-You Page:


Thank-You page - Lead Gen forms

Send your leads to a custom Thank-You page or a set-up a Thank-You message directly in LeadGen.


Unlimited Designs😮

Unlimited designs for online forms

The form-builder has 3 stages: Build, Design and Share. After you have build the form and set-up all the questions, the design builder provides tons of options to make your lead gen form look unique.

There is basically no form you can't build. You can set custom hex colour codes based on brand styleguide for all kinds of form elements and change form sizing and shapes.

Email Notifications

Send instant email notifications to email recipients, e.g. your sales team. Each form can send leads to different places, e.g. a campaign with a customer feedback form informs the customer success team, whereas a lead gen form will straight away land into the inbox of the sales team.

A/B Testing 😮
AB testing of lead gen forms

Create split-testing for form variants and A/B-test them to reach higher conversion rates. You just need two form variants in LeadGen App. Simply build one form, duplicate it in one click, edit a few things and click on "Start experiment" inside the LeadGen App dashboard. That's all you need. LeadGen will automatically split traffic to two different forms on a single web-page.

LeadGen dashboard


Embed Codes

Embed codes for forms

Lead gen forms created in LeadGen App can be used on all website and page-builders with HTML editor. We provide two different type of embed codes: 1) Iframe and 2) Direct Embed

<iframe> Embed code with easy customization/ form sizing.
<embed> Standardized HTML to integrate interactive content 

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Analytics Dashboard😮

Analytics board for lead gen forms

Analyse your lead generation data with interesting metrics like the avg. time spend for users to complete your forms, comparison of conversions in different time frames and more.


Conditional Logic Jumps

Conditional logic set-up in lead gen forms


Send users onto different question paths based on their answers. This feature allows you to build conditional question trees. For example, you could have a qualifying question, like "What is your budget?" Having a user clicking on a button of a low budget, could send him to a screen that ends the form because it doesn't qualify to become a lead.

Custom Themes😮

Custom themes for lead gen forms

This is one of our best features for saving time. Once you built a form with in your branding, you save the design settings in one click. LeadGen will save your design as a custom theme that you can upload in just one-click for new forms. This means you will no longer have to do any design customization if your new forms have the same branding and style.



Full customization and advanced Styling via CSS

Customize your forms in unique designs and edit it via CSS styling. Forms come up with HTML embed codes that you can edit in any way to add your own touch of customization to it.

LeadProof pop-ups 😮

Show social proof pop-up messages for recent sign-ups or bookings on your web-page with LeadProof: LeadGen recognizes the most recent lead responses that have come through your lead gen form and you can feature them via the LeadProof pop-up to showcases trust and credibility. LeadProof shows on the bottom of your screen and you can set up what type of message and what leads you like to present, e.g. "(FIRST NAME) from (LOCATION) just registered for our property masterclass".

LeadProof for a lead gen form


Integrate your forms to other digital marketing software and email automation tools like MailChimp or your CRM system via webhooks.

Zapier Integration

LeadGen App Zapier Integration

The Zapier integration is the easiest way for connecting forms to other online software and apps. Integrate to more than 1000 tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, MailChimp, Google Sheet, Analytics tools and more. The great thing about the Zapier integration is that it is quite easy to build even complex marketing automation without coding background.

GDPR Question type 

Enhance the lead quality and security of your forms with GDPR compliance. We have pre-built a GDPR question type that allows you to add your legal compliance statement with tick-boxes and links to legal documents like privacy policy. You can make it either optional or mandatory for tick-boxes to be checked before form submission.

Image/ Icon buttons😮

Image icon buttons used in forms

Build beautiful image or icon buttons that stand out and provide an interesting user experience.

ReCAPTCHA fields

reCAPTCHA process in lead gen forms

Activate Google reCAPTCHA in lead gen forms to verify whether your leads are real people. reCAPTCHA is a commonly used features across the internet to reduce spam and increase lead quality

Geo-Fencing 😮

Geo fencing feature in LeadGen App

Geo-Fencing allows you to define which online users should be able to see the lead gen forms based on geographic regions. For example, you run an online lead campaign which targets the United States and Brazil only. In your form settings in LeadGen App you can choose those countries that should be enabled and those that are denied to view the forms.

LeadGen App is free, give it a go and test it out yourself here





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Christopher Lier, CMO LeadGen App

Christopher is a specialist in Conversion Rate Optimisation and Lead Generation. He has a background in Corporate Sales and Marketing and is active in digital media for more than 5 Years. He pursued his passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing and developed his first online businesses since the age of 20, while still in University. He co-founded LeadGen in 2018 and is responsible for customer success, marketing and growth.

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