5 Tips for Successful B2B Lead Capture

Lead captures are one of the best ways to generate more leads. When you do it right, you’re able to reach your primary target group and gather valuable data and information about them. This will get you one step closer to increasing sales.

When you’re working in B2B sales, successful lead captures are one of the most important parts of the job. If you don’t do this successfully, you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money on the wrong potential customers. Lead captures are a great tool for gathering the right information about potential customers and focusing your sales and marketing strategies on the right customers.

Tips to generate leads

Lead captures can appear on your company’s website, social media accounts, emails, or any other communication material that you use to attract your B2B customers. You can use cold email outreach software for capturing leads via sending bulk emails. It can also serve as a tool for higher clicks and conversions as mentioned by Saasgenius here. Perfecting a lead capture is one of the most effective ways to establish and grow your customer base. In this article, you’ll find five tips for creating a successful lead capture.

1. Identifying the objective

As is the case with all things, the first thing to do is to figure out what your objective is. To be successful with your lead capture, you need to be more specific than just obtaining more B2B clients in general. Specificity is the key to success in this regard. When you know exactly what type of information you want your lead capture to give you, you can design it specifically for this. Your goal might be to attract more traffic to your website. Or it might be to get more sales from a specific type of client.

2. Determining a lead generation offer

This leads us to your lead generator offer. This is the primary topic that you’re presenting in your lead capture. This is the topic that needs to be relevant and attract the attention of your target group. You can present this in several ways. One way could be to ask the user how or why they might use a specific service or product. Another way could be to invite them to engage with your media platforms or website in some way. A call to action is usually the most successful way to generate leads. Encouraging your target group to engage and submit their information is an effective approach. Then you’ll also have the possibility to contact them directly and provide further information.

Lead generation offer

3. Designing the lead capture page

Your lead capture page is the landing page of your lead capture. This is where you present your lead capture to your potential customers. Usually, it is on the home page of a company’s website but not necessarily. Many companies also place a lead capture on their social media platforms or in an email newsletter. These are usually very effective ways to generate more engagement and sales. By placing a lead capture on your website’s home page, you will encourage users to submit their information the moment they visit your page.

4. Publishing your form

When publishing your lead capture, you should obviously consider where you think it will generate the most leads. Today, most companies use several platforms when publishing their lead capture forms to attract the highest form of leads. But this is not necessarily the right thing for your business. You can try out different strategies and monitor them. You can also consider adding a feedback section, so you’re able to collect valuable feedback.

5. Monitoring, adjusting and perfecting your lead capture

This feedback, as well as your own data, must be used to adjust and perfect your lead capture. It will most likely not be perfect from the get-go, but over time you will be able to enhance it and attract more leads. Monitor your lead capture meticulously and pay attention to its performance. If it’s not performing well with your target group, adjust it using your data and feedback.


Extra tip: Think outside the box

When you’re creating lead captures, you’re going to face a fundamental problem. Are you going to choose fewer fields with a higher conversion but a lower lead quality or the other way around? It’s self-explanatory that multiple fields will reduce the conversion rate. At the same time, you’re going to have a much better lead quality with multiple fields. But thinking outside the box might solve this problem for use. If you create creative and engaging lead captures, you might be able to get the best of both worlds.

A) Add game-like features

A creative way to optimize your lead captures is to add game-like features. If you’re able to create a meaningful experience for your users, you can get a lot of information from your lead capture without losing conversion rates. Gamification will create a flow that is actually enjoyable for your users and valuable to you at the same time. Examples could be quizzes, fun questionnaires, polls, or even games. These are something that you can even add outside your own website, so you start generating leads outside of your own website.

B) Personalize your lead capture

Another way to think outside the box is to personalize your user experience. You can target your lead captures according to several parameters. Target them according to which country they’re from, how many times they’ve visited your site, how they got to your page, and so on. You will be able to quickly see how much you’re able to optimize the quality of your lead captures this way. When you’re working with B2B sales, there are some unique opportunities to personalize your lead capture to particular target groups.

There are a million ways to think outside the box when it comes to optimizing your lead capture. Whether you’re adding game-like features, personalizing it, using multi-step forms, or something fourth, you will be able to see the difference if you’re taking the right steps. Remember to keep monitoring your lead capture so you can perfect your creative and alternative features as well.

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