Idea to Exit to SaaS Founder - What it takes to build an Enterprise B2B brand with Greg Kihlström

Greg is a digital transformation expert with a very interesting resume. He is in the online industry since the early days of the New Economy and Dotcom boom.

He spent 3,5 years working at a SaaS-based tech start-up in Virginia (US), before he made the jump to start his own digital agency, Carousel30 back in 2002.

Greg has come a long way, building up the brand into a leading digital experience agency, working with brands like NASA, Toyota, Volkswagen, Porsche and the United Nations.

We are speaking with Greg to hear about his journey building up an agency from the ground up, from humble beginnings to working with the most renowned enterprises in the world.

Greg Kihlstrom on stage

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In our conversation, Greg shares fascinating insight into the stages of growth: Hiring staff, buy-out of business partners and ultimately selling his company in 2017.

After the acquisition, he continued working for a couple more years at the company before leaving in 2019.

While growing Carousel30, Greg also wrote several thought-leadership books and got different speaking and contributor roles, incl. Forbes, Advertising Age, and the Washington Post.

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His latest venture is no less exciting. In the Spring of 2020, he started CareerGig, a digital marketplace for hiring freelancers. Other than contemporary freelance platforms out there, his mission is to provide freelancers with the security and stability of a full-time job.

Greg has big plans and a clear mission: “Find better ways to connect people to the things they value most”.

In this podcast episode, we speak with Greg about his early-stage growth, what type of marketing he does at CareerGig and how builds his team, hiring new staff month by month.

Our Marketing Mavericks Podcast episode with Greg Kihlstrom. Prefer to listen on Audio? Find links to audio/video platforms here.

Topics/Questions covered:
- Growing a digital agency business to the enterprise level
- What is the right staff to hire at what time?
- Buy-out of partners in the business
- How to handle enterprise sales processes
- The future of digital agencies
- How to innovate the busy, global market of freelance hiring
- Hiring and growth at his SaaS
- Agile methodologies and processes in SaaS marketing

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