5 Reasons Why Most B2B Content Sucks - & How It Can Be Fixed?

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A lot of B2B content is horrible. This means that yours may fall in the same category. Luckily, there is a solution to poor, underperforming B2B content.

You pour your soul into creating top-notch B2B content for your business and then share it with your audience. However, it doesn’t always meet your expectations. You may notice that there are hardly any clicks, a pitifully short amount of time spent on the page, and no conversions. You're left wondering what might have possibly gone wrong.

Usually, the problem is that your target audience isn't interested in your B2B material. You probably make the same mistakes as many other B2B content creators. 

Here are a few ways that B2B content sucks and tips to fix it.

You Insist On Writing Your Own Content

You don’t have to write all your content. Sometimes, it is great to leave things in the hands of professionals. This comparison of content marketing agencies may help you find the best team for the job. You can turn to an AI writing tool to help you scale your production on top of what a content marketing agency could do for you.

A content marketing agency will help you find and disseminate relevant and helpful information on time. The right agency has tools to help you improve the credibility and visibility of your brand. If you're still reluctant to use an agency to help you with your written content then you can always invest in good software, there are several to choose from the most popular being a Grammarly Premium trial, but several others also exit to suit your specific needs. Most agencies use them as well.

Your Content Is Vague or Too General

Generic content can be compared to steak with too much fat and not enough meat. It is useless to have a lot of content if it is vague.

Why would your audience read content that is irrelevant to their interests or needs? B2B content frequently lacks clarity. It may be too broad and general for your audience’s needs. Readers want to consume content that addresses specific issues.

Find strategies that tailor your material to address specific issues. Alternatively, find a few themes that you think your audience could love. The more specific your content is, the better your chances of success.

Failure to Include a CTA

It goes without saying, if you don't outline the next steps for your readers, your B2B content won't yield much results. Your goal should be to guide them on a journey of discovery. Give them a call to action at the end of every article. This way, you will encourage readers to consider what they've just read and take a step toward a specific solution.

Your Content Lacks a Core Message


Before publishing your articles, review them and find out if it grabs your attention. Every article must have at least one crucial takeaway. If readers cannot identify the immediate objective of your content right from the start, they will keep scrolling.=

Come up with a clear, bolded statement. It gives your viewers a sense of direction and encourages them to read your article.

Your Content Doesn't Consider the Reader

This is an error that almost every B2B marketer makes at some point. The error has two primary components. First, your B2B content may not have considered your readers’ preferred methods of consuming information.

In other words, if your content is written using long paragraphs, but most of your audience consumes content on mobile phone or home phone, you may lose readers because the content is hard to read.

Superior B2B content is produced in a way that engages readers. It has readers in mind at every stage of the consuming process.

Second, you may be writing material on a subject you believe your readers will be interested in. Sometimes, you focus too much on topics you already know.

Ideally, you need to provide your writers with the content they need. Not what you think would be helpful. Do some research and determine what your target audience wants before delivering content.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to get your B2B content from poor to fantastic. Simple yet effective tips include writing app for ios, avoiding vague or generalized content, including a core message, and providing a clear call to action. Working with an excellent B2B content marketing agency could also push your business in the right direction.

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