9 Useful Tools and Forms to Help Your HR Staff in a Small Company

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The human resources department is essential to any organization, helping companies complete vital tasks such as payroll processing, benefit administration, and employee recruitment. However, handling HR functions can be daunting for small businesses with limited tools.

Fortunately, you can create a strong foundation for your business by investing in the right HR management tools. These tools will not only enhance the functionality of your team but also improve their morale, significantly boosting productivity.

Don't forget to consider the HR software cost when evaluating these tools to ensure they fit within your budget constraints while providing the necessary features for your HR operations."

Here are nine suggestions if you are looking for tools and forms to enhance the functionality of your HR staff.

1. Pay Stub Creation Tool

Creating pay stubs is a critical yet complex task for any HR department. Fortunately, a pay stub generator can help automate the process, ensuring employees get accurate pay stubs on time. Moreover, pay stub creation tools can improve accuracy and transparency in the payroll process. Your HR department can customize them to provide employees with all vital payment details, including taxes and deductions. It can easily be handled with a payroll system.

With various pay stub creation tools available, finding the right one for your business needs can be challenging. However, you can enjoy quick pay stub creation with Form Pros, a popular option for small businesses looking for a simple but effective tool. Form Pros allows you to choose a pay stub template of your preference and generate multiple pay stubs easily without manual formatting or calculations.

2. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps your HR staff manage the entire recruitment process. It allows them to post job openings, collect applications, and track candidates through various stages of the hiring process.An ATS can save your HR staff time and effort by automating many manual tasks, like filtering out unqualified candidates and scheduling interviews.

For example, by incorporating a workforce readiness checklist into your ATS, you can ensure that only the candidates who are workforce-ready advance to the next stage of the hiring process There are many ATS options available, so research and choose one that best fits your company's needs.

Ideally, an ATS system should be user-friendly and easily customizable to meet your business needs. It should also provide data security and privacy and integrate seamlessly with other HR software.

3. Employee Performance Review Form

Regular performance reviews are essential for maintaining open communication between employees and their managers. They provide an opportunity to discuss accomplishments, identify improvement areas, and set achievable future goals. An employee performance review form can help standardize the evaluation process and ensure that all workers receive consistent feedback. That can eliminate biases and ensure everyone is evaluated using the same criteria.

A typical employee performance review form should include skills and abilities assessment sections, job performance evaluation, and goals and expectations review. It may also have some space for manager feedback and an action plan for improvement.

4. Time and Attendance Software

Tracking employee hours and managing time-off requests can be time-consuming for HR staff. Fortunately, time and attendance software can simplify these tasks by automating time tracking and leave management. This software allows workers to clock in and out, request time off, and view their schedules. Managers can also use it to approve or deny requests and monitor employee attendance patterns. Time and attendance software not only streamlines HR processes but also helps ensure labor law compliance.

5. Employee Handbook Template

A workers' handbook is a valuable resource for HR staff and employees. It contains essential information about company policies, benefits, and expectations. A template can help your HR staff create a comprehensive and professional employee handbook without starting from scratch. It also ensures that your staff has the same information about the company's expectations, reducing misunderstandings in the workplace.

When designing an employee handbook template, ensure it covers all the company's policies and other applicable laws and regulations. You should also review and update the template regularly to make it relevant to the current needs of your business and employees.

6. Compliance Tools

Staying up-to-date with labor laws and regulations is crucial for any HR staff. Compliance resources like government websites, industry-specific guides, and legal advice forums can help your HR team stay informed about relevant laws and best practices.

Moreover, with the help of these tools, your HR department can gain the necessary knowledge to handle employment-related issues. For instance, training programs on anti discrimination policies can enable your HR staff to identify and address these issues in the workplace, creating a more inclusive and respectful environment. It is crucial to review compliance tools regularly.

That will help ensure your business follows the correct industry laws and regulations, minimizing the risk of costly legal issues. Furthermore, the utilization of various tools can empower not only the HR team but also its processes. For instance, the use of process documentation software can streamline HR processes, enhance training, and ensure unwavering consistency.

7. Job Description Templates

Creating accurate and comprehensive job descriptions is essential for attracting the right talent. HR staff should have access to job description templates that outline vital responsibilities, qualifications, and performance expectations. One key benefit of a job description form is that it ensures all job descriptions are consistent and follow the same format. That eliminates any confusion among prospective candidates, as it is easier to compare different job positions.

Moreover, these templates contain vital information that explains to employees what the company expects from them. Such details could include quality of performance standards and work rules.

8. Employee Engagement Survey Form

Employee engagement is key to maintaining a productive and positive work environment. Regularly conducting employee engagement surveys can help your HR staff gauge your workforce's overall satisfaction and identify improvement areas. An employee engagement survey form could include questions about job satisfaction, work-life balance, and company culture. Analyzing the results of these forms is necessary to help your HR staff develop strategies to improve employee engagement and retention.

9. Employee Onboarding Checklist

An employee onboarding checklist is a must-have for any HR department. This document outlines all the necessary steps to integrate new employees into your company. A new hire checklist includes tasks like setting up computer and email access, completing paperwork, and providing orientation training. Using this tool, your HR staff can ensure a smooth onboarding process and help new hires feel welcome.


It’s possible to help your HR staff manage their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively if you provide them with the right tools and forms. These resources can streamline critical processes, improve communication, and ensure compliance with labor laws. In addition, they can make work easier for your HR staff, reducing their stress levels and boosting their productivity.

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