10 Digital Marketing Trends to Use this Fall Season

The season of pumpkin spice and everything nice is almost upon us. 🎃🍂

As the summer heat fizzles out, the digital marketing landscape quickly refocuses on fall-themed content, campaigns, and offers.

And for good reason. 

Google prioritizes seasonal content because it values businesses that deliver personalized experiences based on current events and relevancy. 

Prospects and customers also depend on these marketing initiatives for seasonal gift ideas, specialty coupons, and to kickstart the holiday spirit. (We’re looking at you pumpkin spice latte fanatics!)

That’s why we’re here to supply you with 10 digital marketing trends both Google and your target audience will appreciate this fall season. 

Ready to explore what they are?

Here’s what we recommend:

1. Survey your audience in the summer to uncover content they’d like to see more of in the fall 

Want to see high conversion rates after launching your fall campaigns? Then you need to get insights directly from your customer base and target audience

A simple way to do so is by surveying them to discover what kinds of topics and content they’d like to see you cover in the fall. Don’t worry if your main product or service offer has nothing to do with autumn or its related events. Your goal is to get into the mind of your ideal customer so you can prepare fall campaigns they’ll find value in. 

For instance, if you offer digital board management tools, your audience might express interest in learning about what board management software does, how it can help them manage their board of directors’ responsibilities, and how they can use it to improve their decision-making processes.

With this in mind, you could prepare blog post pillar pieces (see the following example), helpful infographics, and segmented, email marketing campaigns that focus on these topics. 

(Image Source)

You might also consider A/B testing ad campaigns that cover these themes so you can encourage even more conversions.

2. Promote seasonal products, services, and special offers 

Capitalize on the spirit of fall by highlighting seasonal products and services — or by promoting generous discounts on must-haves. *Hint: You can uncover your “must-haves” by analyzing your sales history to see which of your products and services are most in demand.

Let’s take a look at a few product and service examples across several industries:

Jewelry brands 

Digital marketing for jewelry brands during the fall season brings with it a range of opportunities, particularly for promoting unique engagement rings. Fall is a season filled with weddings and romantic celebrations, making it an ideal time for jewelry brands to capture the attention of engaged couples and those planning to pop the question.

Autumn also exudes a special charm and sense of warmth, which perfectly align with the emotions associated with engagements and weddings. In fact, many couples are opting to get engaged or tie the knot in September or October of 2023, a significant shift from the previously popular months of April and May.

If you run a jewelry brand, you can leverage this sentiment to showcase your collection of engagement rings, wedding sets, and specialty event pieces in your fall promotions.

With that said, you can sell your product year-round if you get to know the types of jewelry customers that are more likely to purchase from you.

Fashion brands

There’s no better time to shine the spotlight on fashion must-haves than in the fall. 

The nature of fall fashion itself provides brands with a wealth of visually appealing content to showcase on digital platforms. By featuring fall-relevant clothing items such as leather pants, cozy sweaters, and other autumn essentials, fashion brands can captivate their target audience’s interest and attention.

(Image Source)

Fall fashion inherently brings forth a distinct and recognizable aesthetic characterized by warm colors, layered outfits, and soft textures. This makes it relatively straightforward for fashion brands to curate and share visually captivating content that aligns with the season's trends and styles. 

For instance, posting pictures of fall-inspired outfits not only showcases the brand's offerings but also evokes a sense of seasonal relevance and encourages potential customers to engage with the brand.

Educational organizations

Beyond Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday, there’s another major “event” during autumn — and that’s back-to-school. 

Promoting exciting back-to-school campaigns can encourage prospects to sign up for college programs, join seasonal classes, or attend creative workshops.

Colleges, universities, and other educational organizations can survey leads and current students to uncover opportunities they’d be most interested in. 

For instance, Campus.edu is currently engaged in social media recruitment efforts for the upcoming fall semester. In its Facebook post below, it communicates important deadlines, shares a link to the application, and uses emojis to engage with its target audience, Gen Zers. 

It also showcases the unique benefits of taking part in the business program, inspiring students to pursue their educational journeys.

(Image Source)

While these three industries thrive during autumn, virtually any brand can make its mark during the fall season. 

Here are a few additional examples to demonstrate what we mean:

- Real estate firms: Offer fall discounts on real estate commission fees or cover the cost of an inspection or appraisal 

- SaaS companies: Promote 30-day free trials on top-tier membership plans, good for fall only

- Consultancy firms: Try an Autumn BOGO deal — Buy one consulting service, get one free 

- Food and beverage: Feature pumpkin spice products; try new options and traditional crowd pleasers

Pro-Tip: Use conversational fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) language to encourage more conversions, fast. These are phrases and calls to action (CTAs) you’ll use to put the pressure on, such as “offer expires at midnight”, or “this Halloween weekend only”. 

3. Incorporate fall-themed visuals and graphics

Use vector images to add fall flair to your email marketing templates, product pages, and in social media Stories. 

You can also use them:

- To revamp your site for fall
- As icons in your online forms, i.e., add a vector image next to each input field
- To illustrate fall marketing materials, such as digital brochures, landing pages, and ads
- For autumn-themed printables — great for craft and DIY brands!
- On fall-themed packaging
- To create custom digital illustrations and graphics for fall

(Image Source)

Vector images are effective because they remain crisp and clear, regardless of the device, platform, or screen they’re presented on. That means you can easily resize them across all of your marketing channels and materials without sacrificing design or image quality.  

4. Automate fall-themed email campaigns with a CRM 

Consider using CRM software to automate fall-themed email campaigns. 

One of the key elements that can greatly enhance digital marketing efforts is utilizing the best CRM software available. With the right CRM marketing tool, you can effectively manage customer relationships, track interactions, and personalize your fall marketing campaigns to meet your target audience’s evolving needs and preferences. 

You can also gain valuable insights into customer behavior and can segment your audience to deliver targeted, automated, and relevant content. 

For instance, you might have one audience segment interested in your pumpkin spice muffin and bread mixes, another interested in your pumpkin-themed glassware and dishes, and a third interested in your autumn-themed party decor and supplies. 

With segmented email campaigns, you can make sure to send the right personalized offers and content to the most relevant audience group, every time.

5. Fast-track fall-themed content creation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools 

Use AI tools to generate and produce short-form content you can use in your fall marketing campaigns — just make sure to edit it to your brand’s unique style and voice first.

Another key with AI tools is to use specific prompt engineering, such as:

“Hey AI Writer, please compose an email newsletter rounding up our top 10 deals for Thanksgiving. Our deals include: <Insert 10 deals here>”

You can also use AI tools to:

- Make short explainer videos
- Layer voice-overs for Reels and Shorts
- Create topic ideas lists
- Formulate social media captions

6. Create engaging and immersive experiences 

Create one-of-kind experiences, special for fall — think interactive content, such as quizzes, polls, and games. 

For instance, “Plan your Thanksgiving menu using our multiple-choice quiz!”.

Or “Spin the wheel for the chance to win a free back-to-school productivity kit!”.

Instagram Stories is also a great channel to use for immersive experiences. Simply choose an engagement sticker to add a poll or quiz, ask a question, or attach a slider.

7. Start a user-generated content campaign 

Lock arms with influencers to initiate a fall-themed user-generated content (UGC) campaign. 

One of the most popular methods is by collaborating on a branded hashtag contest — think #FallWeddingsByBjorn or #KidsRUSBackToSchoolDeals. 

For instance, Oreo has started many UGC campaigns with branded hashtags, such as #PlayWithOreo and #OREODunkSweepstakes. But one of its most famous was its #OreoHorrorStories campaign.

(Image Source)

During Halloween, Oreo posted numerous funny vines, imitating some of the most famous horror movie scenes — with Oreo as a lead, naturally. This not only won over their fans but also got them trending during the spooky season.

While you don’t have to use humor or parody to start a UGC campaign (especially if it’s off-brand), getting creative can help you captivate your target audience. Be sure to brainstorm ideas with your marketing team and the influencers you’ll be collaborating with. You can also A/B test a few options before officially launching. 

Once your UGC campaign is in full force, use a social listening tool to start monitoring brand mentions, visual product, and brand sentiment. Be sure to collect these so you can integrate them throughout your marketing content to use as social proof. 

Pro-Tip: If you notice any negative mentions, respond to them with empathy, kindness, and a tailored solution. By going the extra mile, you may be able to convert an unhappy customer into a brand promoter. If nothing else, responding with integrity can help you win brownie points for anyone else who might be “listening”.

8. Optimize your fall campaigns for voice searches and mobile devices 

Got a solid SEO strategy in place? Make sure to add voice search optimization and mobile optimization into the mix if you haven’t already. 

Catering to voice searches (i.e., “Siri, show me five easy fall recipes”) and mobile devices is vital to ensuring a seamless experience across all customer touchpoints.

9. Captivate fall shoppers with video content 

Use video content to capture your audience’s attention and invite them into your fall-themed brand experience. 

Think: Instagram Reels, YouTube explainer videos, Short-form videos on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Videos in Instagram Stories, Video content on your website and product pages

10. Set up strategic fall-themed marketing funnels

Create marketing funnels to promote your most important fall campaigns. 

When planning organic marketing funnels, be sure to: Cut through the noise by using irresistible lead magnets you know your audience will love. We also recommend using conversational marketing in your optimized landing pages. This is key to speaking to your audience’s unique pain points and presenting your offer as the solution. 

When planning paid marketing funnels, be sure to: Optimize your ad copy by using the PAS framework (name a pain point, agitate it, and present your solution) and highlight a fall offer you know your audience will love. You can personalize offers by audience segment by initiating retargeting campaigns, or by analyzing purchasing behavior and unique user preferences.

Wrap up 

And there you have it! Today we shared 10 easy digital marketing trends you can use to get into the fall spirit this upcoming season. 

Ready to put these insights into action? Carve out time to meet with your marketing team as soon as possible so you can begin strategizing campaigns. 

As always, just because a trend is popular doesn’t mean it's right for your specific business and audience. 

Before adopting a trend, ask yourself: Would this marketing tactic help me get closer to my sales and business goals? Can this approach help meet my audience’s demands and solve their problems? If you answered yes to both questions, add the trend to your campaign list for fall. 

That’s it for now, marketers.

Here’s to your success!

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