Why You Don't Need a Website For Using Lead Capture Forms

Different online channels for using lead capture forms

Websites are a great channel for capturing leads.

They can host a variety of different pages to educate, qualify and convert leads.

The problem: They are expensive to build and time-intensive to maintain.

Furthermore, there are more efficient ways to generate leads.

That's the question we like to explore further: How can you use online forms for lead generation without a website?


Custom Landing Pages: Content + Distinct Lead Form Offer 

Custom-designed landing page

Custom-designed landing page in recruitment for lead generation purpose


The best channel to capture leads is with a custom landing page. Landing pages are focused on a single single objective, e.g. promoting a free offer, a webinar, newsletter or a product.

A landing page is similar to a website, however, it is just a single 1-page website.

Creating a landing page can be done in a few days, for a simple in less that a day. Website development can take you ages, often more than a month.

If you don't have a website yet, consider building a landing page with a single offer for lead capture.


Lead capture forms: Quick & Easy 

Interface to capture user data

A landing page with lead capture form - Interface to capture user data

A lead capture form provides an interface to capture user data including important information that qualifies a user as a lead, e.g. email address or phone number.

You can use forms in combination with landing page, simply by embedding a form into the page content.

You can embed the form into your web-page, but you could also send out the link directly or via instant messenging like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

LeadGen has a direct link share option. Build your form, go to the "Share" section and either copy the link or use the social sharing options.


Link share in LeadGen App
Direct link share option in LeadGen App


If you want to use forms on a landing page, you can use the iframe or direct embed codes.

LeadGen forms are platform-agnostic, which means you can use them across different channels and any HTML page-builder platforms like Wordpress, Wix, Instapages, Unbounce, Clickfunnels, etc.

Forums & Social Sites: Share Forms Where The Attention Is

Social media is a great way to generate leads, both via organic posts as well as paid media like a pay-per-click advertisement.

You can offer gated content, promoted via your posts. Gated content is online content which needs an email opt-in or other forms of lead submission so that the user gets access.
For this email opt-in, you can also use online lead capture forms that you simply send out on social media platforms.

You can offer gated content at different stages in the user journey. The image below lists some content ideas that can work well for lead generation, for example case studies, how-to videos, tutorials, ebooks, webinars, etc. Social media is typically the top or middle of the funnel in case you engage with an existing community.

Content ideas offer

Content ideas offer in return for lead generation


Start here with LeadGen App to build a simple lead capture form and start sharing it, without a website. For simple forms, it takes less than 10 minutes to build a form.
Try it out and start generating more leads today!

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