The Ultimate Guide to Membership Application Forms


First impressions are crucial. While a potential member may have browsed your membership website or attended an event before deciding to join, they make it official by filling out a membership application.

membership application

Consider membership application forms the first step in getting to know you. Prospective members are not only submitting personal information but they are also being officially introduced to your organization. You've put out the welcome mat!

When you stop thinking about it, this form communicates much about your company. An appealing, easy-to-find, and simple-to-use application form demonstrates that you are considerate, and inviting, and understand your members' requirements. A difficult and time-consuming form, on the other hand, is unlikely to inspire trust.

Here are some suggestions for improving your existing membership application form or creating a new one!

What are Membership Application Forms?

Membership application forms

A membership application form is a document used to collect information from individuals who are interested in becoming members of an organization, club, or association. The form typically includes fields for personal information such as name, address, phone number, and email address, as well as questions about the applicant's qualifications, interests, and reasons for seeking membership. The information gathered on the form is used to determine if the individual is eligible for membership and to maintain a record of all members.

The Value of Membership Application Forms

Membership application forms are one of the first points of contact for prospective members with your organisation, therefore it's critical that they're good. Will your prospective employee complete the form? If you get the appropriate information, this might be the beginning of a wonderful, long-lasting relationship. After all, this is one of your first chances to collect relevant, unambiguous data for your membership database.

The greatest membership forms achieve the ideal mix between user convenience and accurate information for your organization's usage.

Does your Membership Application close the sale?

Membership forms and pages are the final push to persuade potential members to join! That is why it is critical to keep crucial information (such as member perks and networking opportunities) readily available.

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Some organisations even go so far as to include testimonials on their membership website. This humanises the organisation and its membership, and recommendations from other members may be very powerful.

Of course, if you want to incorporate recommendations or testimonials, you must first obtain permission to use them. Include your entire name, title, and organisation, as well as a photo or video if possible.

Elements to include in the Membership Application Form

There are no two associations that are alike. As a result, what one organisation considers critical information may not be considered such by another. Make a list of all the information your organisation requires from that potential member before you start constructing or amending the application form. The following are important elements to put on your membership application form:

A) Contact Information

Contact Information

First and last names, home and work addresses, phone numbers (home, mobile, and work), email addresses, and so on. I advocate obtaining two email addresses from the member: one for business and one for personal use.

B) Membership Requirements

Membership requirements

List all prerequisites for membership in the specific group for which they are applying. Membership criteria should also be made available on the 'Become a Member' page.

C) Employees Contact Information

Employees contact information

It is advised that associations whose members are organisations or businesses gather information about the owner, sales, and billing contact.

D) Education

For associations with certified memberships, the university/college, degree/diploma, and year of graduation must be collected. If verification of student enrollment or a degree/diploma is required, make it clear on the form or provide an opportunity for them to upload the document(s) on the online form.

E) Payment alternatives and procedure information

Most associations allow payment by check or credit card, either when the application is submitted or after it has been approved. It is desirable to have an online alternative for credit card payments, either through a website or through an Association Management System (AMS). A credit card authorization box should be included to paper registrations for members to complete and send in.

F) Sponsors or references (if required)

Request one to three references and give their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Do you also require a reference letter that has been signed? Include a download option for the form.

G) Preferred location

 Don't forget to inquire how your new member like to be reached so that you may reach out in the most effective way possible. 

Benefits of Online Membership Forms

One of the most easy things you can do for your contributors is to go to online member application forms located on your membership site. It also has significant advantages for the employees or volunteers in charge of membership administration.

Some of the advantages of using online membership forms are as follows:

A) Accurate and protected data

Because information is saved in your member database effortlessly, it guarantees that contact information is accurately captured. Furthermore, any future adjustments can be made by the member via online member self-service. Automatic data backup also stores everything "in the cloud," eliminating the possibility of losing valuable member information.

B) Increased Efficiency

Personal and financial information about your members is collected instantly and automatically by online apps. It saves your personnel time on tasks such as putting print data into the database or waiting for credit card authorization.

C) Secure online payments

With an SSL-certified website, you can ensure that your members' payments are processed fast and securely. This eliminates concerns about cheques being lost in the mail while also saving time!

D) Anytime, anywhere access

Members may join up quickly and impulsively from any device as long as they have access to WiFi. There will be no downloading paperwork or sending anything to slow them down! Better better, from the minute the application is done, anybody with administrative access to your online membership management system may simply view this information.

E) Its paperless

It's a green option—save some trees while expanding your membership!

F) Instant confirmation and welcome

A pleasant welcome shows your members that you're excited to have them on board. With fast access, individuals may quickly transition from potential to active members.

Create that form!

You may now begin creating or editing your membership application forms with LeadGen App. Remember, whether your organisation allows potential members to apply via paper form, online, or both, it is critical to make the application simple and easy to complete while collecting the necessary information to process that new membership.


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