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Question Types Guide

Learn about available question types to create flexible online forms with LeadGen App.


Short text Short Text

Paragraph text Paragraph

single select Single-Select

multi select Multi-Select

Radio buttons Radio

checkboxes Checkboxes

dropdown Dropdown

Image buttons Image Button

iconIcon Button

address question Address

Email question type Email

Phone number question type Phone


Date question type Date

Short text Number

Scale question type Scale

Range question type Range

Likert Likert Scale

 Smiley Scale Smiley Scale

Website question type Website

Line radio button Line Radio

Radio buttons Radio

address question Address

Short text Number

How You Can Ask Questions in LeadGen App Forms

Choosing the right question helps you maximize the response rates in online forms. LeadGen App provides you with question types to ask any kind of question to your audience. Here is an overview of all question types.

Short text

Short Text

Short text questions help you collect individual text answers from users.
You can ask any question with short text question types which can be answered in a short 1-line answer. 

1. Who is your favourite NFL player?
2. What is the name of your school?
3. What is your favourite country?

Paragraph text

Paragraph Text

Paragraph questions provide space for longer answers, covering several lines of text. They can be used to collect any kind of messages, e.g. in contact forms or as a description text of goals, needs and requests.

1. What is your message?
2. Please describe the type of pain you have.
3. What can we do better with the service?

Single select button question type


Single-select question types show choices out of which one choice can be selected. You can align choice buttons horizontally or vertically and choose from different skin types, like radio or dropdown which are explained below.


1. What service are you interested in?
2. What is your goal?
3. What is your company size?

Multi select


Multi-select questions are identical to single-select question types with the difference that they allow selection of more than one choice. You can optionally define a minimum and maximum amount of allowed selections.

1. Please select all the choices that apply to you.
2. Which symptoms do you experience frequently?
3. Please select all the ways you want to be contacted.

Radio buttons

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons are a sub-type of single-select question types. Because of its style, radio buttons show a distinct choice selection and are only provided in single-select, not in multi-select questions. 


1.  What day would you like to visit us?
2.  What service are you interested in?
3. How would rate the service quality from 1-5?



Checkbox buttons are a sub-type of multi-select question types to allow users to tick all the applicable choices.


1.  Please tick all the days you are available for the interview?
2.  What industries are you active in?
3.  What solutions are you interested in?

Application forms

Icon Buttons

Icon buttons are clickable choices that show icons along with answer title and description text.  You can search by icon type and choose from various designs to add a more visual touch to your questions.

1.  What country would you like to study in?

2.  What service are you interested in?
3.  What is the objective of your new website?



This question type provides address fields, incl. street and house No., address lines, city, state, landmark and country. Using autocomplete, visitors can find their address instantly by just typing their post code or other types of their address.

1.   Enter Postcode

2.  Search Postcode
3.  Search for Address



GDPR fields helps you obtain user content, e.g. for subscribing leads to newsletters or your terms/privacy. 

1.   Select all the communication methods you like to hear from us.

2.  I have read and consent to the privacy policy
3.  As information about data processing of your company.

Email question type


An easy way to capture email data with validation to make users submit a proper email address.

1.   What is your email address?

2.  What is the best email address we can contact you?

Phone number question type


Collect phone numbers with validation for each country worldwide. Users need to fill a valid phone number in combination with a country code. You can set a default country code for forms or let your form detect the right code based on the leads’ IP address.

1.  What is your mobile number?
2. What is your phone number?
3.  What is your emergency contact’s phone number?

Date question type


Asking for a calendar date is easy with the date question type. You can choose from various skin types to customize the question, showing 1 input box, 3 input boxes, dropdown or a calendar date picker.

1.  What is your date of birth?
2. When would you like to book the appointment?
3.  When does your insurance policy expire?

Short text


Provide your visitors a simple input field to enter numeric values. The form question validation will block out any non-numeric entries made by users. You can set a minimum and maximum allowed value as needed.  

1. What is your annual income?
2. How many credit cards you own?
3. What is the loan amount do you wish you apply for?

Scale question type


The Scale question types makes it simple for your visitors to choose numbers by utilizing a drag-and-drop slider scale. This scale helps you provide minimum and maximum allowable values.

1. What is your annual income?
2. How many credit cards you own?
3. What is the loan amount do you wish you apply for?

Range question type


The range question type is a slider scale with two selections, one for setting a minimum desired amount and the other for setting a maximum desired value. 


  1. What is your budget to purchase a home?
  2. What is your range for buying a new car?
  3. What loan amount do you wish you apply for? 

Likert Scale

Likert Scale

A Likert Scale allows people to express their emotions using a numerical scale. Likert scales, in addition to evaluating assertions of agreement, may also assess the frequency, quality, and significance.

1. How likely are you to recommend this product?
2. How happy are you shopping with us?
How would rate your experience from 0 to 10?

Smiley Scale

Smiley Scale

The inclusion of clickable emoji buttons can bring a human-like aspect to your forms. Choose from a variety of smileys to get critical feedback and surveys that show the user’s or consumer’s level of satisfaction – Presented in 5 different emojis.


  1. How happy are you shopping with us?
  2. How was your experience?
    3. How would you like to rate our app?

Website question type


With the website question type you can allow visitors to validate URLs so that only valid URLs can be accepted in the forms.



  1. Please enter your website URL
  2. What is the business website address of your company?
  3. What is your registered website domain?

Line radio button

Line Radio

Combination of radio and button style for select questions. The Line Radio skin type is a stylish alternative to select buttons and provides more design flexibility compared to radio buttons.



  1. Which of these choices best describes your occupation?
  2. Are you older than 21 years old?
    3. What weekday(s) suit you best?

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