The Art and Science of Conversion Copywriting: Get More Leads By With The Right Language

Nelson Jordan is a Conversion Copywriter, helping companies find the right messaging and landing page copy to convert more customers.

Copywriters and writers from various professional online writing services help business owners present their product in a profitable way and attract as many target audiences as possible.

Being active in digital marketing for many years, Jordan has worked on many campaigns, incl. Search-engine-optimization, Pay-per-click marketing and content marketing.

He found a passion in conversion optimization and conversion copywriting, enjoying the research of drafting the perfect messaging for businesses.

What exactly is conversion copywriting and what does Nelson help companies with?

Conversion copywriting is content for web-pages to make the potential buyers take an action, such as filling out a lead capture form or buy a product.

Landing page conversion checker

Copywriting is hard. Nelson shares that the fundamental problem in the digital marketing world is that marketers spend too little time on researching their audience. However, research is more than half the game in conversion copywriting.

There are no magic words and just a few principles that create excellent copy. And before you ask, no, not a single premium AI writing tool out there can replace the copywriter putting in the work to find a connection with customers to make them feel understood when reading website copy. While AI writer tools can be useful for generating initial drafts or providing inspiration, they lack the creativity and emotional intelligence of a human copywriter, which is essential for crafting copy that resonates with customers on a deeper level. AI text generators, however have made significant strides in recent years, leveraging advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to generate coherent and contextually relevant content

Nelson is a CXL certified optimizer and passionate advocate of the CXL institute which is considered one of the leading resources in conversion optimization and conversion copywriting. Going through the course helped him get to become a top-level copywriter and conversion analyst.

Speaking about conversion copywriting principles, there is one big lesson that Nelson observed: Marketers should write up the content first before starting on creating the landing page design.

Unfortunately, most marketers do it the other way around for practical reasons, thinking "Let's just fit the content into the page where ever it fits".
According to Nelson, that's most definitely a conversion killer.


These are the topics we speak about:
- How Nelson got into conversion copywriting
- Differences in dealing with US/UK as clients
- Nelson's experience with ConversionXL (CXL)
- Copywriting principles/ myths
- Mistakes in copywriting/conversion optimization
- Use of different headlines
- Nelson's morning routine (It's quite a unique one)
- Book recommendations on copywriting

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Christopher Lier, CMO LeadGen App

Christopher is a specialist in Conversion Rate Optimisation and Lead Generation. He has a background in Corporate Sales and Marketing and is active in digital media for more than 5 Years. He pursued his passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing and developed his first online businesses since the age of 20, while still in University. He co-founded LeadGen in 2018 and is responsible for customer success, marketing and growth.