Landscape Design SEO: Dominating Local Searches

Do you provide residential hardscaping and softscaping services? Do you have an online presence that’s in need of a major boost? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about leveraging industry-specific SEO to dominate local searchers in your area for your most important keywords. 

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Understanding Local SEO for Landscape Design

You’ll find the majority of contractor marketing services relying almost exclusively on local SEO to drive results. And that’s what you should do as well. Let’s see what it is and why is it important.

Local SEO relies on the power of location-based keywords and location-specific pages on your website to drive traffic from a particular region. The region could be a neighborhood, city, state, or even a part of a country. It’s the foundation of successful online visibility for landscape design businesses.

Location-based keywords and geotags play a crucial role in attracting nearby customers. When people search on Google with names of places like “in California” or when they write “near me” (which Google identifies for you), they get served with websites that have a locally optimized website.

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If your website has pages with headings, body text, URL, image alt tags, meta descriptions, etc. mentioning the exact location, then you can capture this traffic easily.

Typically, you want to create multiple pages for each location you serve and use location-specific pages that are loaded with local information. Also, if you are targeting multiple locations, then you have to write fresh content for all locations—Simply copy-pasting and changing the place names will not cut it. 

Relevant and Engaging Content

There should be valuable and relevant content on your website to drive traffic. You have to put a lot of work into creating content that solves problems and answers questions. For example, if you get in touch with a roofing marketing agency, they will help you create content around roofing.

It might or might not be necessary for you to hire an agency like that. Sometimes, service providers can leverage their expertise and in-house talent to create and publish highly useful content.

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What good content does is help your website increase its authority?

Once search engines like Google start to notice that you are publishing useful content based on their internal parameters, your domain’s authority will increase naturally and organically. This will help more of your pages rank for top keywords like “landscaping.” And once that happens, you can expect a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website, increasing your leads and sales.

Quality content is one of the most important considerations that search engines take into account to serve better results to searchers. You can plan and write good content on a variety of topics such as informative blog posts on seasonal landscape care or DIY and how-to guides that help homeowners beautify their exteriors.

Google My Business for Local Presence

It’s also very important to be present on Google My Business or GMB. Treat it like a social media platform. Add all the relevant information accurately and publish any updates or announcements here regularly. More pictures always help so add shots of your recent work or behind-the-scenes on your GMB profile.

When people Google for a landscaping service in your region, they will be greeted with a special section that lists the companies or service providers operating in the area. To rank in this list, it’s important to have a solid website as well as a detailed My Business profile.

Google My Business is a potent tool for establishing a local digital presence. With the right strategy, you can optimize your profile by providing the right details and images. Also, it’s important to have a bunch of positive customer reviews as that’s a big factor for people when they are comparing different service providers in a list.

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We suggest all service providers prioritize asking for reviews from their customers for their Google listing. Today, GMB has become the online version of traditional directories, and reviews can make or break a landscaping business.

Local Citation Building for Landscapers

SEO for roofing companies often ignores this step but it’s very important. For example, do you know the best how to market a cleaning business? Or a roofing business? Well, all the other factors are still in play but it’s also very important to be listed on citation websites, directory listings, and even social media websites. This helps you create a comprehensive digital presence that is generally a good sign of an active and healthy website.

This, in turn, increases the visibility of your landing pages when people search for common queries and you can land them given everything else is set up properly.

Local citations serve as digital references for your landscaping business. They include online directories, review platforms, local listings, forums, communities, etc. that can considerably influence your local search rankings.

Building and managing citations can take a while to learn but once you have the right approach, these citations will help your business be discovered by more and more people online. They are also important for users who are comparing different service providers.

Wrapping Up

As more homeowners and property owners turn to the internet to find landscaping professionals, mastering landscape design SEO becomes a pivotal aspect of business success. It’s not difficult to secure a prominent place in local search results—And following all of these steps will ensure that your business can effectively connect with clients seeking your expertise.

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