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Mailchimp Integration



Build Marketing Automation with LeadGen App and Mailchimp and send leads and responses to your email lists.

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LeadGen App integration with Mailchimp
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Automate Lead Generation with Email Marketing

LeadGen App integrates with Mailchimp via our Zapier App. Choose your form trigger and build an automation to your Mailchimp account.


Available Actions

Create Mailchimp Automation with the Following Events

Mailchimp iconCreate Campaign
Creates a campaign draft.

Mailchimp iconUnsubscribe Email
Unsubscribe an email                                   from your audiences.


Mailchimp iconAdd Subscriber to Tag
Add an email address to a tag                    within an audience. 



Mailchimp iconCreate Custom Event
Creates a custom event for                         an existing subscriber.

Mailchimp iconRemove Subscriber from Tag
Removes existing subscriber                     by email address from a tag

Mailchimp iconFind Customer
Finds a customer by an
             email address.

Mailchimp iconAdd/Update Subscriber
Add a new subscriber to an                         audience of your choosing.

Mailchimp iconAdd Note to Subscriber
Adds a new note to an                                   existing subscriber.

Mailchimp iconFind a Subscriber
Searches for a new subscriber                   on your MailChimp audience.

+ More Actions available in Zapier

See Zapier Integration Support Guide

How the LeadGen App +
Mailchimp Integrations Works


checkmark Step 1: Authenticate LeadGen App + Mailchimp (30 seconds)

Step 2: Select form trigger to kick off the automation (15 seconds).checkmark

checkmarkStep 3: Choose Mailchimp as the action app (15 seconds) 

checkmarkStep 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other
(2 minutes)

Create Your LeadGen App Account and
Build Your Mailchimp Automation