Get Your Software in Front of the Right Audience and Win New Leads

Using what we've learned from building up LeadGen App as a SaaS company, here is an overview of the best channels to get more leads if you are software or digital product business.

We spoke with Miguel Heinonen, SaaS founder of the employment platform Heirizon. He is an expert in outbound marketing and outreach.

Combining inbound and outbound marketing, we'll present 8 tactics that will get you more visibility, engagement and leads.

Conversation between LeadGen Co-Founder Chris with Miguel Heinonen, SaaS business owner



Here are the top 8 lead generation tactics for software companies:

1. Software discovery platforms:
Get listed on platforms like,,

2. Optimized brand presence:
Have a professional website and social presence.

3. Search engine optimization: Get relevant searchers to your site, build up your organic brand presence. Also check our SEO lead generation guide and SEO for B2B podcast episode

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4. Outreach
Reach out to cold leads (Email or social media, e.g. LinkedIn) and get appointment bookings. Check our podcast with Miguel on Outreach on his Outreach process that gets him dozens of bookings per week.

5. Engagement-based targeting
Use Retargeting via Facebook & Google to attract leads that already engaged with your product and/or websites/ landing pages

6. Lead magnets/interactive tools
Make the most of blog post content by providing lead magnets, tools and resources in exchanges for capturing email addresses. Easily build custom lead forms for your website and blog posts with LeadGen App (Try out free)

7. Thought leadership content
Knowledge and expertise sells. Invest time & money into content marketing to become known as an authority in your field online.

8. Tool comparison
Create comparison articles, putting you in the spotlight next to your competitors, making it easy to understand why your solution is better.

About the Author


Christopher Lier, CMO LeadGen App

Christopher is a specialist in Conversion Rate Optimisation and Lead Generation. He has a background in Corporate Sales and Marketing and is active in digital media for more than 5 Years. He pursued his passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing and developed his first online businesses since the age of 20, while still in University. He co-founded LeadGen in 2018 and is responsible for customer success, marketing and growth.

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