Simple Rental Application Form

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This Simple Rental Application form is designed to gather basic information about a prospective tenant to help a landlord or property management company make a decision on whether to approve the tenant’s application to rent a property. Besides checking the applicant details, this form is designed to also match the prospective tenant to available offers of rental property by asking questions such desired post code area and mile radius. The form information asked typically includes the applicant’s name, contact information, employment and income information, and rental history. The form may also ask for information about any cosigners or guarantors. The purpose of the form is to provide the landlord or property management company with enough information to assess the applicant’s ability to pay rent and their likelihood of being a responsible tenant. It also helps to comply with laws and regulations related to fair housing, tenant screening, and tenant rights. This form is called “Simple Rental Application” as it designed for user experience (UX) using a replica of the GOV.UK Design System using best practice and easy-to-read form design components.