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Types of Lead Collection: How To Collect Data For Your Business

How do companies collect data? Here is how you should you collect your data to better understand yo

  • 8 minutes read
Data Collection Forms – The Practical Guide

Why data collection forms are valuable assets for your business- Types, use cases and best practices

  • 9 minutes read

How to Get Quality Leads with PPC Lead Generation

Pay-per-click ads are a great channel for lead generation. Here's how you can win at PPC.

10 minutes read

B2B Case Study: 1,880 New Leads from Blog Marketing (With ZERO Money Spent into Ads)

An extremely simple tactic helps a B2B research company excel at monetizing their blog with LeadGen forms

3 minutes read

The AI Chatbot Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Chatbots are very popular, but have vulnerabilities. Here's what you should watch out for.

2 minutes read

How to Generate Leads Without Having a Website?

You don't need a website to use forms for generating leads: Here's how to use forms the easy way

6 minutes read

Multi-Step Forms Guide: How to Get the Best Conversions

Multi-step forms present questions on different steps. See design examples and get inspiration for building forms.

18 minutes read

How To Build Online Medical Forms To Collect Data and Leads

The demand for data collection in healthcare is huge. How to build better online forms in the medical sector

5 minutes read

7 Best Practices For Creating Long Online Forms

Generating leads from online forms is a big deal for every marketer. Check out how to improve forms for better conversion rate.

5 minutes read

Lead Gen Forms Made Simple | LeadGen App Form-Builder in Detail

Comparison of LeadGen App to lead generation form builders, highlighting most exciting features & use cases.

8 minutes read

What is the Best Way to Generate Web Design Leads?

A step-by-step process for web designers and web agencies to scale faster with lead generation

10 minutes read

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