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7 Best Practices For Creating Long Online Forms

Generating leads from online forms is a big deal for every marketer. Check out how to improve forms

  • 4 minutes read
Lead Gen Forms Made Simple | LeadGen App Form-Builder in Detail

A detailed summary of the benefits and most exciting features of LeadGen and how it's different.

  • 8 minutes read

What is the Best Way to Generate Web Design Leads?

A step-by-step process for web designers and web agencies to scale faster with lead generation

9 minutes read

Is it Bad to Use Lead Capture Forms on Every Web-Page ?

One contact form per website or more forms across pages? Here's the best lead capture strategy.

5 minutes read

10 Best Practices for Online Form Design with Live Examples

Creative strategies to create an engaging experience with web forms and capture more leads.

8 minutes read

10 Most-Promising Slack Alternatives in 2020

Slack has dominated the group messaging market over recent years. Here are the best alternatives.

8 minutes read

Growth Hacking and B2B Lead Generation – Interview with Stapho Thienpont

Interview on Digital & Content Marketing Trends, Experimentation and Strategy Frameworks

23 minutes read

Founder Story Interview with Christopher, Co-Founder of LeadGen App

We are speaking with Chris, our Marketer and Co-Founder about his entrepreneurial journey

6 minutes read

How To Take Control of Contact Form Spam and Increase Lead Quality

Online forms are often target of spam attacks. Here are 6 simple strategies to get more quality leads.

9 minutes read

LeadGen Presents at Google Campus London

Insights into the LeadGen product demo on the benefits of multi-step forms at Google Campus London

5 minutes read

How To Automate Your Google Analytics Reports To Improve Your Website

Product Review of KOBIT and interview with the CEO Nozomu Kubota on improving website performance

12 minutes read

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